Meet the Director

​Caitlin Jadofsky is a Tennessee native and considers the Mrs. Tennessee and Mrs. Mississippi Pageants her second families.  When her mother, Delayna Bridges, was crowned Mrs. Tennessee 1993 and subsequently took over directorship of the pageant, Caitlin was just eighteen months old.  Caitlin has grown up with these pageant families and has taken on many roles over the years.    


     You could first spot a 7-year-old Caitlin running up and down the aisles of the theatre selling program books at the pageant; she was proud to then graduate to ticket sales a few years later.  However, Caitlin really found her "home" working backstage as the contestant coordinator where she was able to interact with the incredible women who inspired her as she learned their stories and the details of their dreams and aspirations.  That is where her passion to empower and encourage women was sparked.  Caitlin was proud to further assist her mother when she took over directorship of the Mrs. Mississippi Pageant in 2007.  She officially signed on as Co-Director in 2012 so that her mother could begin the transition for Caitlin to take over the directorship.   

     Caitlin spent four years in Florida while attending college, during which time she was crowned Miss Walton County, a preliminary to the Miss National Peanut Festival Scholarship Pageant. Caitlin married the love of her life, Jake, and they now make their home in Spring Hill, TN. They have two children, John Ryan and Olivia Kate.  

Caitlin is a Registered Nurse and works on a surgical oncology unit in Nashville, TN.